Thursday, April 24, 2008

April 13 - Cherry Chocolate Dr.Pepper Cupcakes

So i was inspired by So sinful so sweets recipe and decided to make cherry chocolate Dr.Pepper cupcakes for work. I told the girls at work that i was making them and they all seemed really skeptical at how they would turn out and how they would taste but they are always willing to try something once!! :) So i started to make the batter and after finishing it, thought i missed something or did something totally wrong. The batter was liquid, it didn't look like any batter i have every made in my life, and i wasnt sure it was going to did though, and they turned out great!!!!!!

I decided to go with a different recipe then what she used for frosting, i am more of a canned frosting type of person so i added some food color and cherry extract, i guess i could have just bought cherry frosting but all is good!

Everyone at work seemed to enjoy them and were excited that there was more frosting this time around! Until next time!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April 8 - Chocolate Vanilla Star Cupcakes

I'm behind on the cupcakes that i have made for work recently....On April 8 i brought in chocolate vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting and stars.

I did a chocolate vanilla because i was in a hurry and i only had a chocolate box mix and a vanilla box mix, and since one box doesn't make enough for everyone at work, i decided to improvise...

On top i did some pink frosting with a star sprinkle.
Here is a picture of them all packed up and ready to bring to work....

Everyone at worked really seemed to like them, the only complaint, which was just from one co worker is that there wasnt enough frosting, she loves frosting, she's crazy lol :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Unexpected Delivery!

So i got a very unexpected delivery today that i was very excited to open once i realized what it was. I got a package from Fat Daddy Bake Shop!!! So exciting! My sister who lives in Utah decided to send me this one! So yummy!

My beautiful "Sweet Nikki" Cupcake ready to be eaten

First Bite, Look at all that pink yummy frosting!
My Fiancé enjoyed it too!!

So thanks Annie for my surprise today, It was yummy!!!

1st Post!

Cupcakes for Target is my adventures in making cupcakes for the people and team members that i work with at TARGET!! It also is a place for me to post pictures of my cupcakes that i make for my family and just everything cupcake that i have and do in my life. So i hope you all enjoy!